Michelle Brandt, running for House of Reps in South Carolina’s 114th district

Michelle is running against another first time candidate for an open seat, so she is hopeful about her campaign! Her goal in running for this position is to increase the Democratic presence in the House and protect the rights of the people in her state.

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Daniel Duncan, running for South Carolina House of Representatives, District 14

Here’s why Daniel decided to run for a representative position: Daniel attended his first county party meeting this year. When he met all of the people there, he realized that those people deserve someone who is going to represent them well.

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Donna Brown Newton, running for South Carolina House of Representatives in district 80

Donna wants to be someone who any citizen can talk to about local issues. If elected, Donna vows to give honesty, trust, communication, openness, and availability to her community all year round—not just during election months.

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Ryan Thompson, running for South Carolina House of Reps. in District 106

Ryan is a 22 year old candidate who just graduated college and is ready to become a voice for his community members. Ryan believes his candidacy stands out because he has no hidden agendas and is 100% pure in his intentions to become a representative. His slogan is “Your choice for a new voice”!

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