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Meet Ryan Shank, running for Ohio State House, District 31

“We need compassion now more than ever. And we need people who are going to bring our communities together instead of dividing and pitting us against each other for a political agenda or for political gain.”- Ryan Shank

Ryan is a lifelong Ohio resident who carries a deep love of his home state throughout his every action. He was born and raised in Barberton, Ohio and has spent his life becoming familiar with the needs of his community members and the obstacles that they face.

Ryan personifies a blend of deep-rooted community values, familial devotion, and a diverse array of creative passions. Ryan is an imaginative writer, focusing his creative energies on science fiction and drama. Collaborating with close friends, he spearheads creative projects, delving into immersive narratives that serve as an escape and a means of personal expression. Along with that, he is a huge family person and a dedicated advocate for the residents of Ohio. His journey spans beyond politics, echoing a resounding call to action for his community.

With an academic foundation in political science from the University of Akron, Ryan has equipped himself with the knowledge and tools to reach his goals and improve his home state. He has also gained insightful experience working at the Summit County fiscal office in Akron, Ohio.

Ryan’s goals are centered on addressing critical issues within Ohio’s 31st State House district. He finds himself frustrated with the direction of his home state and aims to dissolve the tension of the culture wars currently dividing many local communities. Ryan, along with his girlfriend, have long been involved with community organizations that work to protect LGBTQ+ rights and feel deeply concerned for friends and community members who face discrimination. Additionally, he is concerned about access to healthcare, especially regarding gender-affirming care for transgender or non-gender-conforming individuals. Ryan has also spoken to many healthcare professionals who feel burnt out, overburdened, and underpaid. He recognizes the significant strain that this places on Ohio’s healthcare system as a whole. Ryan aims to make sure that healthcare workers have access to proper resources and fair pay so that his community members don’t suffer due to a lack of available healthcare.

Ryan stands resolute in his vision to enhance infrastructure and reinvigorate economic prospects in Ohio. According to Ryan, Infrastructure maintenance is not nearly as efficient as it should be, with some essential roads remaining unrepaired for years. This places the burden on residents who drive these roads every day and rely on them to live and work. Ryan pushes for a revitalization of the Small Town Initiative, which previously allowed for more funds to be used to improve the infrastructure of smaller communities which he says are just as deserving as the big cities.

Within Ryan’s bustling schedule, he finds joy in his two feline friends, Max and Baxter. He proudly declares himself a “cat guy,” cherishing their presence in his daily life. An advocate for fitness, Ryan finds solace in Peloton workouts and the peacefulness of hiking, with a love for an active lifestyle and the outdoors.

Ryan’s story encapsulates the spirit of a hopeful community, ready for leaders who follow through on their promises and focus on the community’s needs. Ryan shared with us that his district is home to some of the most hardworking, deserving people who deserve leaders who will work equally as hard to make their lives better. He aims to be that leader for them.

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