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Meet Michael Sinclair, running for Missouri State Senate in District 2.

Making changes that community members want to see is extremely important to Michael. He recognizes that in leadership positions, it’s not about what he wants—it’s about the needs of the people. Michael got his Masters Degree in Business Administration in Illinois and has been living in Missouri ever since!

When we asked Michael about the most pressing issues in his community, he told us that Missouri’s trigger law is hugely misaligned with the needs of the people. This law says that a doctor can only perform an abortion in case of a medical emergency. To Michael, this goes against what the people want, and we learned that a majority of Missourians are actually against this law. If elected, amending the trigger law is one of the first things on Michael’s list.

Another pressing top mentioned by Michael is gun safety. Like many people, Michael supports the second amendment but recognizes that there are serious and necessary changes that need to be made in order to protect people from gun violence. Most importantly, protecting children. Without increased safety, background checks, and stricter gun laws, we will see more homes, churches, grocery stores and malls face mass shooting events. Michael is adamant about addressing these issues now—instead of waiting for more shootings to happen.  Michael plans on introducing gun laws in a bipartisan way, since it is an issue that touches everyone no matter what their political affiliation may be. This is how he sees real change happening.

If Michael is successful, he will be following the will of the people and working to meet their needs. He aims to separate himself from politicians who take bribes and donations from corrupt groups. Michael knows that if enough people want something in their community, it deserves a place on the ballot.

Michael is a true outdoorsman who loves walking, hiking, biking, and running. He even runs a half marathon every year! His family loves sports and they are looking forward to the World Cup. Michael is proud of the city he lives in (which was actually voted “One of the best places to live”) and he’s looking forward to creating even more improvements!

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