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Meet Josh Becker, Running for St. Charles County Council in District 5, Missouri

Meet Josh Becker, running for St. Charles County Council in District 5, Missouri. Josh is running for this position because he is forward thinking and ready to help usher in positive changes for his county!

Josh aims to be a council member who works for the people and always keeps their interests in mind when making decisions. As a lifelong resident of St. Charles County, Josh has seen it change in great ways in the past few years. He got his education there and now holds a Bachelors and Masters in Healthcare Administration. Since he knows all the ins and outs of St. Charles County, Josh is confident he can serve his constituents best and know what his community members need. 

Josh has two campaign promises: First, if elected, he will hold monthly town halls to listen to constituents and talk about what’s going to be proposed at council meetings. Second, he will always fight for union labor for any proposed project in his county. 

Josh aims to always ask himself: Is it going to benefit my constituents? Is this going to be completed using union labor? This is how he plans to make sure that his decisions are going to benefit the people of his county. 

Josh’s platform is working with first responders, making sure parks are clean and safe, and maintaining infrastructure. St. Charles County has a growing population and Josh wants to see infrastructure improvements happening to support this growth. One of his main focuses is making sure the people are happy with their community. Having honest and transparent communication between county officials and the people is hugely important to Josh. He believes that everyone deserves to be heard. Josh wants to see his county continue to move in the right direction. While this is his first time running for office, he already sees the importance of term limits and times can change rapidly. He plans on being in this position for no longer than three terms to ensure that as his county grows and will be able to elect leaders that represent  progressive movement. 

We learned from Josh that St. Charles County is one of the best places to live and raise children. They have great parts and natural trails all around. Josh and his husband spend a lot of their free time biking throughout the county and enjoying the atmosphere! They even have a new waterway that was built for kayakers and canoers to enjoy and use for recreation and exercise! Josh’s hope is that more people will come check out what they have to offer and see how great his community is. 

Josh has two chihuahuas and a cat who all get along as friends! He has two younger siblings who are his biggest fans and supporters. His family and husband are very important to him!

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