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Meet Andrew Dent, running for House of Representatives in Maine, District 64

Andrew is a progressive leader, husband, and motivated community member.

Andrew’s personal journey is marked by significant shifts in perspective and environment. Originally from Georgia, he found himself grappling with conservative beliefs, particularly regarding issues like abortion. However, his views gradually transformed, influenced by personal experiences and a growing awareness of social and political realities.

At age 17, during an internship with a congressman, Andrew had a conversation with a woman living in her car with her two children. The weight of this woman’s struggles challenged his preconceptions about poverty and inequality. This experience marked the beginning of a shift in his perspective into a more progressive mindset, which guides his candidacy today.

Another pivotal aspect of Andrew’s life is his marriage to his wife, Paige, whom he met during college in Georgia. The decision to move to Maine stemmed from their shared values, especially concerning reproductive rights, as they sought a more supportive environment for their beliefs and lifestyle.

Andrew highlights poverty, housing affordability, and substance abuse as the most pressing issues facing his community in Waterville, Maine. With a poverty rate of 23%, Andrew emphasizes the challenges many residents face in making ends meet, worsened by rising costs and unfair wages. He also underscores the housing crisis, where skyrocketing prices have made rents unrealistic for many, contributing to homelessness. Additionally, Andrew addresses the substance abuse epidemic, advocating for a compassionate approach focused on healthcare and harm reduction rather than punishing those who need support. He emphasizes the need for clean syringe programs and safe use sites to ensure the well-being and safety of those struggling with substance use disorder. Andrew advocates for treating such issues with compassion and not cruelty.

Andrew believes that his town of Waterville represents untapped potential, not just locally, but for the entire country. Despite facing challenges like industrial decline and poverty, he sees the city as a beautiful place with thriving possibilities. He emphasizes that investing in people, their education, and well-being is key to unlocking this potential for Waterville and communities nationwide. Andrew has found a sense of belonging and acceptance in Maine that resonates deeply with him. The community’s warmth and openness have reinforced his conviction that positive change is possible when individuals come together to support one another.

Outside of politics, Andrew spends time with his family, his two cats, Felix and Edgar, and his wife’s dog, Zeke! Andrew describes himself as a nerd who constantly reads up on policy and enjoys vintage video games, particularly Nintendo 64 games. Something unique about Andrew is that he finds legislative sessions and history documentaries fascinating and is always looking to learn something new!

Andrew’s journey from conservatism to progressivism, his dedication to addressing social issues, and his commitment to empathy make him a well-rounded candidate for District 64.

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