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Meet Kaylee Peterson, running for U.S. House of Representatives in Idaho’s 1st district

Kaylee is running against the incumbent, Russ Fulcher. Here’s why Kaylee sees this position as incredibly important: All of Idaho’s core needs—things like education, infrastructure, and public land management, are all tied to federal positions. The decisions made in the House and the Senate determine the funding that goes towards these programs and the overall quality of them as well. She wants to take on this role to protect Idahoans and give them what they need to thrive.

Kaylee’s goal in life was always to get involved with policy reform. She sees so many areas that clearly need change yet lack the right leadership to create progress. She aims to bring the solutions we need without letting money or profits influence those decisions. Kaylee decided it was time to run when there were multiple seats running unopposed. She knew complacency would never lead her state to the changes that it needs—and after being recruited, she was ready to be the change. Overall, Kaylee wants people to be able to sit down together and focus on solutions, no matter what party they belong to. She says that this is truly her dream campaign and it is a privilege to run for a representative position.

One of Kaylee’s top priorities is human rights. She believes that we need to focus on shutting down neo-nazis and hate groups while protecting women’s rights, voting rights, and all the vulnerable communities who are being targeted. Tax reform is also high on her list as she has seen many working class people and small businesses be taxed excessively while those in higher tax brackets are getting tax cuts. Healthcare is also an important focus for Kaylee and she wants to see healthcare for all people that covers all different types of services.

Public land conservation and access is huge to Kaylee because in her home state of Idaho, 75% of the people there use the outdoors in some way. Whether it’s recreation, or hunting for food sources, Idahoans need their public lands to be protected and taken care of. The state government has been selling these lands to the elite or even industrial companies. There aren’t any regulations on these companies who pollute local water sources and leak toxic chemicals into the communities. This needs to change.

Kaylee’s ideal future would be one where we have bipartisan leadership that is able to have open dialogue about solutions without becoming divided. She envisions a world where schools are funded, communities have the right resources, teachers are paid well, and roads are repaired and safe. Kaylee says that people need to be given the right environment in order to thrive and innovate a better future.

Kaylee wants you to know that Idaho is filled with the kindest, most persevering people. She told us that they have so much grit and deserve the support to build and take care of their communities. Kaylee is actually a 6th generation Idahoan, dating all the way back to the 1800’s. She even lives on a street named after her great grandfather. She is invested in the community and has deep roots in the area.

When she’s not campaigning, Kaylee likes to play adult kickball, paint her own unique “nerdy” artwork, and dive into her favorite series’ like Star Trek and Doctor Who! She wants people to feel enthusiastic about politics. According to Kaylee, even if politics seems corrupt and complicated at times, there is still the opportunity to get more people involved and have leadership that truly serves the people like it should.

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