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Candidate Rodney Moore

Meet Rodney Moore, running for Georgia State Representative, District 72

District 72 is located in West Georgia, between Carrollton and La Grange.

Rodney is a devoted father and husband, prioritizing his family above all else. He has an eight-year-old daughter who brings joy and inspiration to his life. Rodney’s decision to enter politics stems from his frustration with the current political landscape, which he believes no longer serves the average person or the working class. This sense of injustice motivated him to run for office for the first time, aiming to bring about change that directly benefits his community.

One of Rodney’s primary concerns is the well-being of seniors in Georgia. He highlights a significant issue with the state’s Medicare policies. Currently, if seniors earn less than $16,600 annually from Social Security, their Medicare is paid for by the state. However, earning just $20 more disqualifies them from this benefit. Rodney argues that anyone relying solely on Social Security should have their Medicare covered, given that they have paid into the system throughout their working lives. His commitment to this cause is personal, influenced by his experiences with his own father and neighbors who struggle under these conditions.

In addition to Medicare, Rodney is passionate about increasing SNAP benefits for seniors. He points out the inadequacy of the current support, which only provides $23 per month per individual, an amount he rightly states is insufficient to sustain anyone for even a week. This issue is particularly close to his heart as it affects his mother and other seniors in his community. Rodney believes that seniors, having contributed to society all their lives, deserve better support and more dignity in their retirement. Rodney also criticizes the continuous rise in the retirement age and advocates for policies that allow people to enjoy their retirement after a lifetime of hard work.

If Rodney is wildly successful in his efforts, the future for the people he aims to help will be significantly improved. Seniors would be better taken care of and able to enjoy their retirement more fully, with enhanced support systems in place to ensure their well-being.

Outside of politics, Rodney’s interests include spending time with his cat named Whiskers and playing the guitar! He also enjoys simple pleasures like bike riding and has considered upgrading to an e-bike for more laid-back rides through his cherished community.

Rodney’s deep-rooted connection to Georgia, where he was born and raised, shapes his understanding of the community’s needs. He appreciates the mild winters of the region and his personal connection to the state. His life experiences, including his travels, have given him insights into different retirement systems, fueling his determination to advocate for better policies for American seniors.

Ultimately, Rodney envisions a future where the seniors in his community can enjoy their retirement with dignity and adequate support. His campaign is a reflection of his commitment to these values and his desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of the people he hopes to represent. Rodney’s approach to politics is one of empathy, grounded in his personal experiences and a strong sense of responsibility to his community.

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