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Candidate Maura Keller

Meet Maura Keller, running for Congress in Georgia, District 3

Maura is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, an animal rescuer, a Veteran advocate, a mother, a proponent of women’s rights, and a proud Fayetteville resident.

Maura’s decision to run for the third congressional district in Georgia stems from her desire to enact change, particularly in areas like Veterans Affairs (VA), where she previously worked. Drawing on her extensive experience in military leadership, she felt compelled to address issues she encountered, such as the inability to effect change within the VA system. Additionally, her frustration with the political landscape led her to become increasingly impassioned about issues like women’s reproductive health. She believes that all engaged and passionate community members should have the opportunity to run for local office and to make positive changes.

Within Maura’s district, she has seen issues like women’s healthcare take center stage due to recent legislation like the fetal heart bill that makes abortion illegal as early as the six-week mark. She also emphasizes the importance of access to contraception and shares concerns about rural hospital closures and the scarcity of OBGYN care due to restrictions on women’s healthcare. Affordable housing is another pressing issue, exacerbated by equity firms buying properties and pushing residents out of their communities. Lastly, Maura highlights the significant portion of her district living below the poverty level, underscoring the need for practical solutions to address economic disparity.

When imagining a successful future, Maura emphasizes the importance of communication and listening to constituents, drawing on what she learned through her military leadership background. She believes in engaging in two-way conversations, understanding the concerns of her neighbors, and advocating for their best interests. Maura aims to foster bipartisanship to address common ground issues, leading to a thriving district with more opportunities for success and happiness. She also advocates for trade schools and businesses that offer training, ensuring that young people can find fulfilling careers close to home, fostering a sense of pride in their community and themselves!

Maura highlights her community’s diverse and unique nature, emphasizing Atlanta’s growth and the influx of new residents with different backgrounds. She also mentions Fayetteville’s significance, home to Trilith Studios, a hub for film production, earning it the title of the “second Hollywood.” Another one of Maura’s favorite things about her community is the rich cultural offerings, including theaters, art museums, and outdoor activities, making it a progressive place to live and explore.

When she’s not advocating for her community, Maura finds joy in traveling on cruise ships and spending time with her loved ones. Along with her husband, sons, and grandchildren, Maura’s family includes two rescue dogs: Lola, a German Shepherd mix, and Sadie, a rescued Golden Retriever. She is an active supporter of the Humane Society and has rescued five dogs over the years and given them safe homes!

Maura stands as an empathetic candidate poised to leave a lasting impact in her district, uplifting the voices of her constituents at every turn. Her unwavering dedication to serving her country and community with empathy and pragmatism exemplifies her outstanding leadership qualities.

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