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Meet Kevin Harris, running for election to the U.S. House in Florida’s 24th congressional district.

Kevin describes the House of Representatives as “the people’s house” and if elected, he aims to bring a fresh, new voice for the people in his community.

Kevin graduated from Florida International University and has been working as a Miami Dade police dispatcher for the past 10 years. His drive to campaign for this position comes from a sense of urgency that he says he feels due to the current events that have shaken the world in the past 5 years or so. Along with this, family is a big part of his decision. He let us know that his mother is a huge, positive influence in his life and has helped him make the decision to run—along with his desire to honor his late father and sister.

Kevin places emphasis on re-building the middle class and giving them relief that many of them are in desperate need of during these trying times. He empathizes with Americans who are struggling through increasing gas prices, inflation, and the pandemic. Relief programs are high on his to-do list in order to address these issues. Kevin also wants to work to create fair opportunities for working, middle class people who may find themselves at a disadvantage to those belonging to wealthier zip codes or neighborhoods. According to Kevin, everyone deserves a fair opportunity to succeed, no matter where they are from. His hope is that his efforts would help middle class people in his district find stability through things like fair employment and property ownership. He is also interested in tackling veteran homelessness and lowering student loan interest rates.

Kevin loves his community, Miami Gardens. Something you might not know about his community is that it holds Hard Rock Stadium which hosts the Miami Dolphins and the University of Miami Hurricanes! It is a fairly new city that is currently thriving.

Here’s something we learned about Kevin that we’d love to share with you all: He is an avid collector of action figures and Funko Pops! He is also a big fan of DC and Marvel movies along with other series like Star Wars. Sounds like an awesome collection! Follow Kevin on Twitter

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