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Meet Mario Enriquez, running for Stockton City Council, District 4

Mario, a first-generation Latino with immigrant parents, holds a master’s degree in public administration from the USC School of Public Policy. He’s also a passionate youth leadership advocate and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Mario is committed to enhancing the well-being of his fellow community members in Stockton, California.

Mario’s roots lie in community engagement and youth leadership advocacy. Paying it forward, especially to the next generation, is his unwavering passion. He’s been an active force in the community, fostering youth development through conferences, events, and countless other ways to lend a helping hand in his beloved city. At age 13, Mario got his first taste of public service by joining the youth advisory commission for the city of Lathrop.

Running for Stockton City Council isn’t just a political move for Mario; it’s a heartfelt mission. He feels a calling to return to his home and use the knowledge he has gained from his life to improve his community. His journey has taken him through the vibrant streets of Washington, D.C, the unique neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, and the bustling cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Living in so many different places has enriched his insights, and now he’s ready to bring his new ideas and perspectives back to his home of Stockton.

Two issues weigh heavily on Mario’s heart when it comes to Stockton: public safety and the challenges faced by the unhoused community. For Mario, these points hit close to home. His family experienced housing and food insecurity during the 2008 recession, making these issues quite real to him. In Mario’s mind, safe neighborhoods are the cornerstone of a thriving city, and addressing homelessness is integral to Stockton’s success. He believes that in order for his city to thrive, it needs to be a safe place where families and businesses want to move to. Creating more green spaces and more arts and culture based community activities are high on Mario’s list of priorities.

As a candidate, Mario’s focus isn’t just on policies; it’s on nurturing an actively engaged community. He champions transparent and responsive local leadership, a quality he believes has been missing in the past. His goal is to be a representative that the community members can go to and genuinely feel heard and have their needs met. Mario’s vision is to unite and energize the residents of Stockton, instilling a sense of pride in their city and ensuring their voices are not just heard, but celebrated.

In addition to his political ambitions, Mario is someone with a big personality. If he could have a pet, he’d told us he would choose a Corgi named Lula, a tribute to his favorite hot sauce Cholula. He envisions his hypothetical pet as spirited and sassy, much like himself. Mario also reveals his love for Peloton workouts and his passion for hiking. Furthermore, he’s a left-handed individual, a trait he shares with the remarkable Barack Obama.

Stockton’s journey might have been challenging in the past, but Mario envisions a brighter future. He highlights the city’s diversity, its status as the most inland port on the West Coast, and the natural beauty of the Delta River and its surroundings. With visionary leadership and active community participation, Stockton can blossom into a thriving city with ample job opportunities for all.

Mario’s determination to bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to Stockton’s city council goes beyond politics. He represents a new generation of leaders committed to solving long-standing problems and creating positive change. Mario’s journey, from Stockton to various cities and back home, is a testament to his unyielding dedication to making his community a better place for everyone. Mario isn’t just another candidate; he’s your neighbor with a passion for your neighborhood’s well-being.

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