What is a Community Lead?

Community Leads are the point of contact between your community and Elect Good People.

As a Community Lead, you will be someone who connects with Elect Good People to share the most pressing conversations happening in your community today. Essentially, our goal is to use this information to shine light on the local issues that matter to people like you and support the positive changes you want to see.

As a Community Lead, you will be crucial to the Elect Good People movement because you will help us explore and promote current topics that may otherwise go unnoticed. The more information we have about the needs of your community, the better we can try to build awareness about them. Awareness leads to discussions which leads to solutions. This is the first step in making positive progress for you, your friends, and your families.

Joining forces with us is the best way to ensure that we focus on what matters the most to you. If you are passionate about making change in your community, apply to be a Community Lead here.

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My name is Pam Wagner and I am the National Community Chair for Elect Good People.

We are looking to get boots on the ground in communities around the country and build a network of like-minded and highly motivated leaders. If you are passionate about protecting the future of our democracy and our planet, I would love to hear from you. Share your information by clicking the link below. Once we bring you on board, we will hook you up with cool merch so you can represent Elect Good People in your community.

We need your help to encourage every person you know to Elect Good People!


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